starting my blog

It’s the second day at the magazine.

Friends and family have shown strong disapproval of me taking of this job. I went to training and will get  a physical Friday. I know how hard it is for them to deal with this given the great expectations they have laid on me. They could think of so many other good offers such as teaching, being a civil servant, anything other than being a reporter at a little-known magazine in which advertisements take up more space than stories.

“Why the hell does the magazine attract you?” I didn’t hear another sentence repeated more than this one in the last two days. I could think of a few resons: for one thing, the magazine is owned by Huashang, one of the biggest media groups in China. Huashang is based in Xi’an for its famous newspaper China Business View, which started in 1997 and soon dominated the market by beating the then-influential Xi’an-based newspapers, Xi’an Evening Post and Sanqin Metropolis Daily. In 2010, China Business View’s  annual income  reached 3 billion RMB, the net profits is  600 million RMB after tax, only after Gunagzhou Daily and Chengdu Business Review. The group now owns five newspapers in Shenyang, Changchun, Xi’an, Chongqing and Xian’yang and three magazines. The one I am working for is called Home Weekly, a Xi’an based weekly magazine on real estate,  home decorating and other services related to the field of checking the new house and selecting which house is to buy. I feel awkward to call it a magazine for it is more likely to be a weekly newspaper from its quality to price. I bought my first one today while waiting for the bus near a newstand for 1RMB.

The second reason is that I will learn about the industry more. Real estate appears profitable to investors ranging from big state-owned enterprises to brilliant young entrepreneurs and to ordinary working class. On the other hand, it is a universal truth that in China, government is biggest winner in ever-booming industry since 1990’s when business on land is approved by the government. There are so many unspoken rules between the land developers and the government; there are so much to dig behind the house-buying restrictions; there are simply too many things that an outsider will never know.

The magazine was founded by Huashang  four years ago and started making profits from the first year, which would worth a Wow. The advertising income ranked 2nd right after China Business View, far surpassing other competitors such as Xi’an Evening Post.

I try to be an excellent reporter here while on the other hand, I still look forward to the coming opportunity to study in Hong Kong for a year on international journalism, which is the exact reason why I start blogging as I have to practice writing.

So I will blog whenever there is something worth writing or even there isn’t just like now and will check on it again and again and again rather than checking on various social networks  sharing party pictures.

While writing this, I missed four calls from my mother on purpose.  I know what the conversation would be about.

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One Response to starting my blog

  1. Robin Ewing says:

    So what does your mom think about you studying journalism in Hong Kong?

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