Five interesting facts about Hong Kong

1.Pets are more popular among the rich

Pet keepers in Hong Kong tend to be those who live in private housing and higher monthly household income, according to the Thematic Household Survey Report No. 48 released by the  Census and Statistics Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

From the distributes of Thematic Household Survey Report No. 48

2. Hong Kong women are lonelier and lonelier

According to the statistics published by the Census and Statistics Department,Hong Kong women are getting lonelier and lonelier.

Number of women who has married has dropped to 55.1 percent  in 2010 from 58.7 percent in 1996. The percentage of those who has never married increased to 30.5 from 29.1 during the 14 years. While the marriage status of male remained stable.

3. Men eat faster than women

On average, women spend 2.2 hours eating and men 2.1, which means men eats six minutes faster than women everyday, according to a survey by the Census and Statistics Department.

4. Domestic wastes tops among all

According to Hong Kong Waste Treatment and Disposal Statistics, domestic wastes take almost half of all wastes produced by Hong Kong people, with 6,135 tons per day, followed by construction waste(26 percent), commercial and industrial waste(22 percent), special waste(8 percent).

5. Two types of fathers of babies born in Hong Kong to mainland women

Babies born in Hong Kong to mainland women are classified in the following two categories:

(1) Father being a Hong Kong Permanent Resident;


(2) Father being not a Hong Kong Permanent Resident.

On average, the education level of the parents of Type II babies was higher than that of parents of  Type I babies, reported the September issue of the Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics.

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