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Images of the fresh market

As a paradise for shopping, Hong Kong never disappoints any customers. As new malls spring up and gush out in the most heated plazas, the old-fashioned fresh markets never fade away, though it sometimes stinks, smells, but it appears in … Continue reading

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A farewell to Hong Kong’s Hot Dog Buses

BY ALICE ZHAO HONG KONG – Hot Dog, nickname for “non air-conditioned buses” in Hong Kong, will disappear from the city forever as the last series of the old buses of Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) will retire this Wednesday. No. 5A, … Continue reading

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A day in Gage Street

Thirty years of small business for Mr. Chan is rotated around the Gage Street: the fish, the seafood, the hustle and bustle, yet a day presents them all.

Mr. Chan came to the business 30 years ago and stayed with it ever since. Being a local entrepreneur, in the age of powerful megacorporations and corporate-backed governments, Mr Chan made Central diversified from the suited crowd, the glass-steeled buildings with a sense of busy without hurry, a rotation without mundane.

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