East end of the island


HONG KONG – Lying at the east end of the urban area of Hong Kong Island next to Shau Kei Wan, Chai Wan (Chinese: 柴灣) is mosaic of industrial and residential concretes. I took my first walk in this area with a friend last Saturday in this place. I arrived in a torrent of rains, the sky was clad in grey, the area features the old, tore warehouses still in its function, with trucks, boxes patching up along the street.

First look of Chai Wan outside the MTR station overlooking the bus station. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

Old and new (Photo: Alice Zhao)

Boxes piling up at the corner of a street. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

Prominent is the Farrari. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

Wasted paper and hardware collection. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

A dazed isolation. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

Time of calculation. (Photo: Alice Zhao) 


One of the most frequent scenes in Hong Kong. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

Residential area hide behind the warehouses.(Photo: Alice Zhao)

Uniform. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

A factory makes bullet-proof glass for the banks and other clients. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

An outdoor restaurant in the alley. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

passer-by. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

Hong Concrete. (Photo: Alice Zhao)

Right across the bowl we dash, see the bubbles emanate.(Photo: Alice Zhao)

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