Smart book shelf

I just moved to a new place from the vast New Territory to Kowloon. My new room, in an apartment I share with some other girls, is extraordinarily tiny. I almost only sleep in the room as small as the bathroom of the apartment I used to live with my parents, for the rest of the time, I was either staying in the office or the library, luckily, I work in a library, or just loafing around the streets being by myself in a place I don’t know, surrounded by people I don’t recognize and to whom I mean nothing.

However, today I was suddenly reminded of an old hobby – calligraphy. I bought writing brush and ink slab in a store I saw the other day during a random walk. When I got back home, I realized doing calligraphy was such luxury for the tiny room I rent. The mini desk the landlord provided was piled with some of my books, a laptop, some documents and flyers from the Legislative Council candidates. I was never a tidy person and tend to leave all the insignificant stuff with me, such like chocolate wrapper, envelops with promotion ads sent from the credit card company among others.

Actually I had suggested the landlord help me get a book shelf on the wall so that I could save more space for the desk. Though happily having said no problem, for more than half a month, he did not act like there was no problem. I guess I was really annoying with calls and Emails, he finally said that I should find a book shelf myself and he would pay for it. But still, a book shelf for such a narrow wall was indeed hard to find.

When cornered with no option, I have to make a bookshelf myself with the shoeboxes I didn’t bother to throw away.

Here is how I did it:

Step one:  Measure the space and see the length you want the paper shelf to fit in, then cut the right paper.

Step two: Enhance the  folded part with more paper.

Step three: Fit into the space, oh, I also had brad nail on the wall to fix the shelf.

Step four: Not too many books, it may crash! Now I get some space for my calligraphy practice! 

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6 Responses to Smart book shelf

  1. Daniel says:

    if there is a loud crash one night, you will know what it is!

  2. Katie Miao Yuanyuan says:

    Calligraphy happens to be one of my old hobbies, too. It’s good that you’re still practicing. Add oil!

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