Welcome to A piece of Hong Kong – your weekly piece of Hong Kong.

Many people start their day with reading a piece of newspaper, end their day with a piece of snack. In the same way I wish that reading this blog can become a pleasant highlight of your day.

When brainstorming for adjectives to describe Hong Kong, you might come up with crowded, loud or proud. Definitely, diverse, dynamic and delicious…For Alice Zhao Manfeng(趙滿豐),  an international journalism student from Mainland China, Hong Kong is  my rabbit hole where all the adventures set off.

As a rising power, China is still controversial in its freedom of press. I am lucky enough to stand on the country’s last heaven of press freedom, writing things that happen every day in this dynamic city.

I like to observe the neighborhood, community, and the vicinity via my BMW, that is bus, metro and walking, leaving  footsteps in the narrow streets, open markets, and bustling crowd. I am  happy dealing people who act like people: elegant, clumsy, knowledgeable, ignorant, enlightened, confused, sincere, pretentious and all shades in between. I am  comfortable in the crowd but also enjoys the silence of deserted places, where I look back on my notes, think and blog.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Hong Kong or not. As long as you want to know more about the world from the eyes of a 22-year-old Chinese, I am more than happy to pave that bridge between China and the Anglophone world.

Hope that you will enjoy reading the aggregation of news presented here.

Please feel free to contact me at manfengalice@gmail.com and on Twitter @zhaomanfeng


2 Responses to About

  1. Almond says:

    I am really impressed by your blog… I only have time to browse through the Yim Tin Tsai and your articles in March. What a courageous and introspective girl you are. Yes, would definitely love to learn more about the world from your eyes.

  2. Hello! You’ve got a really nice set up here. I like when people take the time to write good China articles. I’ll be checking out your site often! Keep up the good work!

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